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Artist Statement

Looking Into Memories

My work is memory-driven, with images of people, objects, and Place. They are formed by both positive and negative experiences in my life. Life has been very challenging for my family over the years. Divorce, loss, and death have played a major role in our lives. With these experiences we have grown closer together as a family. Although we might live far away from each other, we have a sense of Place that unites us. The use of colors in my paintings allows me to share the overall mood and feelings of the people and this idea of Place. Every painting has a different memory attached to it which emits a different emotion. The colors allow me to express how I remember feeling that day. I chose to paint my figures with few descriptive details and to leave them faceless because they are looking into memories. Overtime, our memories may not always be clear. Who the figures are and their actions with the objects around them serve as mnemonic devices to make those memories more legible. By looking at these paintings, you are viewing memories that I cherish, memories that mean the world to me.

A Nice Long Catch-Up, 24" x 28", oil on canvas
Bullshit and Drinks on the Porch, 18" x 24", oil on canvas
Detour After the Trashrun, 22" x 28", oil on canvas
The Excursion Picnic, 32" x 32", oil on canvas
The Fishermen with Dinner for the Fishermen, 18" x 24", oil on canvas
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